Consumer Signal Booster Registration

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On February 20, 2013, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued an Order permitting the use of signal boosters connected to wireless networks subject to certain requirements intended to prevent harmful interference to the wireless networks.

Consumer signal boosters are designed to be used “out of the box” by individuals to improve their wireless coverage within a limited area such as a home, car, boat, or recreational vehicle. AT&T customers may use a “Consumer Signal Booster” that is certified by the FCC as meeting new enhanced technical standards. The order does not address industrial signal boosters.

The FCC Order adopted enhanced technical standards that signal booster manufacturers must meet before the FCC will certify a signal booster for sale. These new standards begin on April 30, 2014.

AT&T has consented to allow the use of signal boosters on our network only when the following conditions are met:

1.The signal booster is certified by the FCC as meeting the new technical standards ordered by the FCC on February 20, 2013; and

2.The signal booster has been registered on the AT&T “Signal Booster Registration” web site.

Can I continue to use my signal booster purchased before April 30, 2014?

After April 30, 2014, only FCC certified or carrier approved signal boosters may be operated on the AT&T network. Contact your signal booster’s manufacturer to determine if your booster meets the new requirements or is approved to operate on the AT&T network. Any question regarding non-compliant signal boosters and required upgrades or replacement should also be referred to your signal booster manufacturer.

How do I get consent from AT&T to operate my signal Booster?

Starting April 30, 2014, all consumer signal boosters must be certified as complying with the new technical standards established by the FCC Order dated February 20, 2013. AT&T has already consented to allow signal boosters compliant with the Order to operate on its network. All you have to do is register the signal booster on the AT&T site at

How do I find out more about the FCC Order?

Go to FCC Home Page:
Search for: signal boosters

What if I don’t register my signal booster?

Beginning April 30, 2014, to legally operate a signal booster, it must be certified by the FCC and registered with your cellular carrier. The operator of an illegal signal booster could be required to stop operation of the device.

What if my signal booster causes interference with the AT&T network?

Any signal boosters determined to be causing interference will be required to stop operation immediately.

What if my signal booster causes interference with a different carrier’s network?

The FCC and all carriers require any interference by a signal booster to be corrected and/or the device causing the interference to be removed from operation immediately.

What if I get a new signal booster after registering? How do I update or change my registration?

Any previously registered signal booster information will remain in the AT&T registration database. Updates require a new registration. A new signal booster must be registered as per the instructions found in this FYI under: “How do I register my signal Booster with AT&T?”

What happens if I switch carriers? How do I cancel my booster registration with AT&T?

Any previously registered signal booster information will remain in the AT&T registration database. There is no editing or removal of registrations. Any questions regarding registration with any other carrier will need to be addressed with that carrier.

Note: AT&T may share registration information with other wireless carriers and/or the Federal Communications Commission for interference investigations and regulatory compliance.



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